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Below are seven pointers that can help you to spot fake discount pandora bracelets

discount pandora bracelets recognized worldwide. Pandora have created some amazing charm bracelets and a truly wonderful set of intricate charms. More and more women are buying the charm bracelets than ever, but sadly some unscrupulous people are making fake Pandora jewelry in order to profit.

Shoppers need to be aware of the problem of fake jewelry so that they can ensure they buy authentic Pandora jewelry. If you do not want to waste your money buying fake Pandora jewelry then it is vital that you learn how to spot fake charms.

Below are seven pointers that can help you to spot fake discount pandora bracelets

1.The crown stamp may be missing. Take a look at the barrel on the clasp and you will notice that it is marked with an “0”. The recently released pieces should have a crown stamped on top of the “0”. Go to the Pandora website and familiarize yourself with this unique Pandora logo.

2. Number 925 should be stamped on Sterling Silver.

Precious metals are classified and as such sterling silver has to be hallmarked with the numbers 925. discount pandora bracelets Make a mental note of how Pandora mark their sterling silver so that you recognize the numbers 925 as belonging to them.

3. Pieces of gold are marked with the number 585.

In accordance with international standards gold is marked with the numbers 585. Authentic gold jewelry will be marked in this way. Look at the marks and check that they are crisp and clear like the discount pandora bracelets

4. The threading inside of the jewelry.

Counterfeiters have not mastered the art as a whole and many fake charms are not threaded in the right way. The charms should thread onto the bracelet with ease so always make sure that they pandora bracelets

5. ALE marks.

All Pandora jewelry has an ‘ALE’ mark. This mark can be found next to the 925 or 585 hallmark. Counterfeiters are getting better at replicating these marks so be aware that even if they appear it could still be a pandora bracelets

6. Being offered Pandora jewelry at lower prices.

Pandora themselves set the prices for their jewelry and the stores are expected to sell the goods at those prices. If you are offered Pandora jewelry at low prices then there is every likelihood that pandora bracelets fake.

7. Using your common sense.

The market is full of fake Pandora Canada and it can be difficult to spot a fake. Go to the official website and look at the official goods for sale. Make a note of what they look like and check out their markings. If you are offered a charm that you have never seen on the Pandora website then it will probably be a fake. Become familiar with the touch, feel and weight of the charms to help you recognize the true pandora bracelets


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